Heart & Aorta

Innovative options for the most challenging conditions.


Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Associates is the leader in heart surgery in southern Colorado, performing the most operations and offering the broadest array of procedures and services. We have extensive expertise in minimally invasive heart surgery with Dr. Mehall being a nationally recognized leader in the field. We offer minimally invasive approaches to heart valve surgery and coronary bypass procedures. We also are the only provider of Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) in southern Colorado, and were the first program in Colorado to offer both FDA approved TAVR implants outside of research studies. Over half of all our operations involve heart valve procedures. Our deep experience in atrial fibrillation surgery has led to our inclusion in two recent FDA research studies on closed chest videoscopic atrial fibrillation surgery. We cover the entire region by performing surgery at both Penrose Hospital and Parkview Medical Center, and offering an outreach clinic in Durango.